How To Login WhatsApp Web Client Using Your Computer

WhatsApp web client is a great way to use this WhatsApp on your PC.

WhatsApp is a very handy and popular app for easy exchange of text messages and different kinds of files. While designed to work on multiple platforms on mobile devices, you can now have it on your PC too.

Using  WhatsApp Web chat on your PC is easy. Just use the WhatsApp Web login and you’ll get the hang of it.

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Requirements To Use WhatsApp Web Client

Using WhatsApp Web chat doesn’t require much. All you need to have is:

  • A smartphone running WhatsApp with an active account;
  • The version of WhatsApp should be the latest one (11.498 minimum);
  • The latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or Edge installed on your computer;
  • A stable internet connection on both devices (mobile and PC).

IMPORTANT: Using a Wi-Fi connection (as opposed to a mobile data connection) on your mobile device is highly recommended, in order to avoid any additional charge.

You don’t want to have unpleasantly surprises when that bill arrives.


whatsapp web login

Get Started With WhatsApp Web Login

Using WhatsApp Web client is very easy. Just follow these few simple steps and you will be able to enjoy its benefits straight away:

  1. Open the web browser on your PC and navigate to WhatsApp Web login page. You will see a QR code, as well instructions on accessing WhatsApp Web chat on your mobile underneath.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone and navigate to WhatsApp Web. This procedure is different for different devices:
    – Nokia S60/Windows Phone: Go to  Menu and select WhatsApp Web;
    – iPhone: Go to  Settings and select WhatsApp Web;
    Android: Go to Chats screen, then Menu and select WhatsApp Web;
    – BlackBerry 10: First Swipe down from the top and select WhatsApp Web;
    – Nokia S40: First Swipe up from the bottom and select WhatsApp Web.
  3. Use the camera on your device to scan the QR code on WhatsApp Web login page. Aim it carefully, making sure to catch the entire QR code in the square on your device;
  4. Start using WhatsApp on your PC.

As you can see, it’s all a very simple system.

The way WhatsApp Web login works is, you’re not creating another WhatsApp account, you’re using your existing one. But WhatsApp Web login doesn’t require a username or a password.

The process of user identification with WhatsApp Web login is conducted via QR code. This way your account remains perfectly safe – one more thing that will help you to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Whatever you do, it’s always important to think about safety.

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Why should I use a Wi-Fi connection on my mobile device and not my mobile data connection?

WhatsApp Web on your PC and WhatsApp on your smartphone are in constant synchronization.

That means that every action you perform on one device is immediately performed on the other.

This process generates constant data traffic, which can cause significant additional expenses if you are using a mobile data connection, depending on your mobile data plan.

Especially if you’re sending or receiving large files in your messages.

Why does WhatsApp Web chat sometimes take too long to generate the QR code?

Yes, this can sometimes happen. If it does, try refreshing the page.

If the problem persists, clean your web browser (cache, history) and try again.

Please note that if you do that, you will probably be logged out of the accounts you had been logged in (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc).

That’s why you should make sure you haven’t forgotten your login credentials for any of your accounts first.

I don’t have the WhatsApp Web option on my mobile device. Why?

This can only mean one thing. It means that the WhatsApp application version on your mobile is out of date. A problem that you can solve very easily.

Just update it to the latest one and it will no longer be a problem, the option will be there.

Just use the process described above for your mobile and you will find it.

How do I manage WhatsApp Web chat notifications in the web browser on my PC?

The correct way for you to control the notifications you get from WhatsApp Web chat in your web browser depends on the browser itself.

That is to say on whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge.

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WhatsApp web login is really simple and useful.

While WhatsApp application itself boasts some fantastic features, WhatsApp Web client allows you to  switch from you smartphone to your PC.

WhatsApp Web chat on your computer can be very handy while you’re using it for other purposes.

You don’t have to keep grabbing your phone and putting it down, time and again. A safe way to make your life a little bit easier.

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