How To Install WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy Device

Some users find installing Whatsapp for Samsung Galaxy devices to be a troublesome task.h

What requirements they need for the latest version, is their device compatible with the latest update etc. There were many tutorials, some better than the others, but there are not enough tutorials that would take you step by step.

An article that would take you through every bit of detail or issue that you may encounter.

That’s why we arranged this article, so that any Samsung Galaxy user could install Whatsapp on any Samsung Galaxy device.

Whatsapp For Samsung Galaxy Installation Guide

For all of you that just can’t work your way around installing Whatsapp messenger app for Samsung Galaxy devices, here is all you need to know.

System Requirements

  • Android 2.3.3 and later versions
  • Your device needs to be able to receive SMS and calls during verification process
  • At least 50MB of free space on your device. More will be required for updates.
  • Internet connection

Download WhatsApp APK

Installation Steps

So here is the list of steps you need to take in order to install Whatsapp messenger app for Samsung Galaxy. Go through these steps carefully, and you will have Whatsapp for Samsung in no time.

Step 1:

Find the Apps icon on your Home screen. Touch it so that you can browse through your installed applications.

How To Install WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy Device

Step 2:

In Apps menu, look up Play Store application. This is where you’ll find Whatsapp for Samsung.

You can find other apps on Play Store, but we’ll talk about it another time. For now, just touch Play Store icon.

WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy Device

Step 3:

Once you launch Play Store application you will get to its main menu. On top of the main menu there is a search bar. Touch the search bar and type in “Whatsapp messenger”.

When you see Whatsapp messenger icon in the fall down menu, touch it to get to Whatsapp download page.

WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy Device step 3

WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy Device step 3-1

Step 4:

In order to download Whatsapp for Samsung, you need to touch the “INSTALL” button on Whatsapp download page.

It’s a green rectangle button with white “INSTALL” written on it. Touch this button and wait for the confirmation.

Download WhatsApp For PC

WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy Device step 4

Step 5:

After you touch the install button, you will need to confirm that you accept all the terms and conditions. In order to use Whatsapp for Samsung, you will need to share some of your personal info.

Remember that Whatsapp uses your existing contacts so it could create a contact list for you. Also, some other requests and permissions are possible, so read carefully before you confirm.

It’s only fair to say that if you don’t accept these terms you will not install Whatsapp on your device. In order to accept and install Whatsapp for Samsung, you need to touch “ACCEPT” button in the lower right.

WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy Device step 5

Step 6:

Now you have to wait for the download to finish. When the download is over, your device will automatically start the installation. All you need to do at this point is to wait for the installation to finish.

When the installation is over, you will get a confirmation alert. You can touch the alert message and launch Whatsapp that way.

The other way to start the app is to go to the Apps menu and find Whatsapp icon, then touch it. Either way works, but you can only touch the alert message once, and then it will disappear.

WhatsApp For Samsung Galaxy Device step 6


Now you see how easy it is to download Whatsapp for Samsung Galaxy devices.

This is a free app and you can download and update it as many times you like. Keep in mind that Whatsapp needs internet connection in order to function.

So pay attention, because if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi, additional data charges are possible.

Now enjoy your Whatsapp for Samsung Galaxy and talk to your friends and family as much as you like.

Also, let us know in the comments if you already use Whatsapp, what’s your experience with this app? Do you like it? Do you prefer some other app?

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