Download Best Alternatives For PlayView For iPhone, iPad (iOS Devices)

Download Best PlayView Alternatives For iPhone, iPad (iOS Devices)

If you want hours of entertainment at your fingertips, download PlayView for iPhone. You’ll be able to get all of this and more.

Download PlayView for Android devices with the relevant APK file is very simple. And you’ll be able to utilize PlayView and all its features on your smartphone, tablet and Windows PC.

PlayView for Android is therefore ideal if you’re a movie buff and have an Android device. Or you can install an emulator such as BlueStacks to download PlayView for PC.

But what if you don’t want to download PlayView for Android, simply because you don’t have an Android device? What if you have an iPhone, iPad and use a device with an iOS operating system?

APK files aren’t compatible with iOS devices because they use completely different operating systems. They use runtime stacks with different approaches.

playview alternatives

Unfortunately for all you iOS users, that means you won’t be able to download PlayView for iPhone or iPad. You may see downloading sites for PlayView for iPhone, but we assure you what you download won’t be the real deal.

It won’t be the PlayView for iPhone app you so desperately crave.

But fear not, there are plenty of PlayView alternatives out there, alternatives that are more than capable of fulfilling your movie-watching needs and desires.

Check out these best PlayView alternatives.

Best PlayView Alternatives For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


If you’re looking for a PlayView alternative, you can’t go wrong with ShowBox.

Just like PlayView, it’s free, has an extensive library of movies available for you to stream and download.  It has a sleek user interface and regularly adds new content. This way you’ll never be short of a thing or two to watch.

It’s not officially available on the App Store. But you can easily download the latest iOS version from many third-party sites.

It’s the perfect app for those addicted to movies and TV shows – the perfect PlayView alternative for all you iOS users.

popcorn timePopcorn Time

Get yourself some popcorn, download this great PlayView alternative, and begin watching content.

Alternatives don’t come much better than Popcorn Time. It’s easy to get started and search through their huge library of content. Then once you find something that tickles you fancy, click on it, select the resolution. Then sit back, relax and revel in the delights of your new-found movie app.

PlayView alternatives don’t come much better than this.

PlayBox HDPlayBox HD

PlayBox HD has an array of different features which combine to give you one complete entertainment experience.

It’s one of the better PlayView alternatives out there. Because in addition to offering everything that PlayView does, it has a number of added features.

This makes PlayBox HD stand out from other movie apps.

Search the ‘New’ and ‘Hot’ options to watch content, get watching in HD at your leisure. You won’t even be thinking of PlayView for iPhone when you have PlayBox HD at the ready.

cartoon hdCartoon HD

This app doesn’t exactly do what it says on the tin, so don’t worry if you’re not a cartoon lover.

Yes, Cartoon HD does show cartoons. But it wouldn’t be one of the best PlayView for iPhone alternatives if that’s all it shows.

It also has a library containing the latest TV shows, episodes recently aired, box office movies, hit shows, and movies trailers. All available to watch in HD and for you to add to your own playlist.

If you’re after alternatives for PlayView for iPhone, you’ve found one here.

Movie BoxMovieBox

MovieBox is certainly one of the best media entertainment apps for iOS users.

Whether you fancy watching a movie or watch content in HD, MovieBox will allow you to do all of this without any cost.

The app has a library of thousands of movies and shows. And you don’t even have to sign up to get started.  If you want to watch content in HD quality, MovieBox is one of the better alternatives.


There’s a plethora of alternatives for PlayView apps out there catering to the wants and needs of the movie-loving public.

If you’ve heard all the rave reviews about PlayView, don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out.

Just because PlayView for iPhone isn’t available, there are plenty of great alternatives on the movie app market.  Some like-for-like, some more advanced, so pick your favourite and get streaming and downloading today.


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