12 Best Movie Apps For Streaming On Android, iPhone and iPad

If free movie streaming and TV shows is your thing, you should install one of the best movie apps listed in this article.

You’ll have access to a range of content, all of which will be available whenever you want it.

Free movie streaming is ideal to discover something new and become engrossed in a new movie. Install one of these apps to watch free movies and you’ll be able to stream hundreds of movies and TV shows.

  • Best Movie Streaming Sites

In this article, we’ll describe the 12 best movie apps for streaming films and shows. Check out the details and install your favourite free movie apps on your Android or iOS device.

best movie apps to watch free movies

How To Watch Free Movies On Android

If you’re after free movie apps for your Android device, you’re in luck. Indeed, there are plenty of apps to watch free movies for you to choose from.

Streaming online movies and TV shows is far quicker than downloading content. And you won’t eat up a load of storage space on your PC’s hard drive or your phone.

To begin streaming online, the majority of the best movies apps on the market require you to install the app.

Most are available to install from a recognized source such as the Google Play Store.

But others require you to go onto the free movie streaming site itself and follow the on-screen instructions to begin the installation process.

Once you install the free movie apps on your Android device, just browse through the app’s library. Search through the different categories, and then begin streaming the content of your choice.


ShowBox has a number of great features. It’s certainly one of the most best movie apps on the market.

With a large library of content, download ShowBox and you’ll never be short of a thing or two to watch.



  • It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • It’s completely free to download.
  • Has a range of different movies and full TV series available to stream.
  • The app has a sleek, user-friendly design, making finding content easy. Search the different categories and tap the picture of the movie you like.  And you’ll see a full movie description, cast list and streaming instructions.
  • You have an option of downloading certain videos directly onto your device.
  • Can stream videos in HD.


  • It’s not currently available on the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple Store. This means you have to download and install ShowBox from the app’s website.
  • Doesn’t have a built-in streaming player to play torrent streams.

Download ShowBox here. At this site, you’ll find download links for Android, iPad, iPhone and for PC to use with an Android emulator such as BlueStacks.

Tubi TV 

Tubi TV was initially available for PCs. But this app to watch free movies has undergone modifications. It is now available on Android and iOS devices.

This free movie streaming app allows you to stream full-length videos. It includes TV shows, documentaries and movies, from its vast collection of content.

Simply install the app, sign up, log in. Then tap on the movie you want to watch, add to queue, then begin streaming whenever you want.


  • This best movie app is completely free.
  • Content is updated on a weekly basis.
  • Featured movies – the latest and most popular movies are displayed on the home page.
  • Click the ‘browse’ icon at the top of the home screen and you’ll be able to narrow your search. Or just browse through one of the many different categories to find something that’s up your street. This free movie app has many different categories, including : comedy, suspense, drama, romance, etc. But also has different categories such as: highly-rated on Rotten Tomatoes, not on Netflix, two drink minimum and movie night.  This is an alternative search experience and a novel way to find different content.
  • Has original content. Korean dramas, musicals and live performances are difficult to find on other best movie apps.
  • Reliable and high-quality streaming.
  • It’s available to install from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. It’s therefore accessible to Android, iPhone and iPad users.


  • The majority of the videos available to stream do have commercials. It’s a free service so commercials do run every ten minutes or so.
  • Occasional buffering after commercials.

Download Tubi TV here for Android, and here for iOS.


It’s all about search and discovery with Yidio, on a truly global scale.

Yidio will scour the web to find content that you want to watch. It’ll provide you with links whereby you can stream and download content straight onto your device.

It’s essentially a site that gives you a choice where to watch movies. It acts as a movie and TV show guide. You can watch content via Yidio or thefree movie app will direct you to another site by providing links.


  • Yidio is free to install for Android and iOS devices.
  • It acts as a guide so it’s easy to compare viewing methods. Search for a movie or TV show, click on the picture, and you’ll find different links.
  • Easy to filter movies.


  • Some of the movie links aren’t free – you may have to pay to watch certain content.
  • The process of searching for content to actually streaming your movie or TV show can be rather long-winded. It may take you to other sites such as Amazon Prime, where you’ll have to go through a sign up process.
  • May have to install other best movies apps to stream content.

Download Yidio here for Android, or here for iOS.


Flixster is like your own online movie club.

It’s free to create an account. And once you get started, you can download and stream content, such as feature movies, trailers and reviews.

You can watch content and keep in touch with others who share your passion for all things cinema.


  • It’s a legitimate site; Flixster’s parent site is Rotten Tomatoes.
  • It’s free to create an account and watch movies, trailers. Or find a movie showtime list for a cinema near you.
  • Can stream and download certain titles.
  • Join a community of 20m to watch and discuss all things movies.
  • Flixster is available on iOS and Android.


  • Doesn’t have a huge library of free content.
  • There are a lot of commercials, in addition to pop-ups ads.
  • If you download content, you may have to re-download it after a certain period of time. Otherwise it may not function.

Download Flixster here (Android), or here (iOS).


This user-friendly website allows you to watch a range of movies, TV series and shows completely free of cost.

Popcornflix has a large library of content, different categories, genres and a featured movie list on the home page. This means you’ll be able to find content and begin streaming in a matter of seconds.


  • Popcornflix is one of the best free movie streaming websites out there in terms of its easy-to-use usability and the stream content speed. Simply click on the movie you want to watch. A new page will open where your movie will begin streaming automatically.
  • Great selection of old films.
  • It’s a completely free movie app with no fees to pay whatsoever.
  • You can sort films on different preferences, e.g. most watched, recently added etc.
  • No sign up process.
  • Available for Android and iOS users.


  • The free movie streaming app is ad-supported. So you’ll be subjected to watching a few ads before your content begins streaming.
  • Content isn’t streamed in the greatest quality.

Download Popcornflix here for Android or here for your iOS device.

The Internet Archive CompanionThe Internet Archive Companion

This isn’t solely a free movie app like the others. But even so, it has a large collection of free videos, in addition to music, books and images to download.


  • This differs from the other best movie apps on the market – in a good way. It has a collection of videos and other materials of cultural significance.
  • You can download and stream videos in a variety of different formats.
  • The app is available for use on iPhones and iPads.
  • You can access the archived material for free and stream movies and videos straight onto your device.
  • The app is free to install and use.


  • Doesn’t have mainstream movies. It has a collection of alternative movies to stream and download, movies and videos of cultural importance. It could be good or bad depending on your preferences.
  • User interface is somewhat cluttered.

Download The Internet Archive Companion here for iOS devices.


Crackle is a legitimate app to watch free movies owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

It’s a completely free movie app. And what makes Crackle so popular is that it’s supported on all platforms.


  • You can use it on Android, iOS but also gaming consoles such as PS3s, smart TVs etc.
  • There’s no lengthy sign up process.
  • It has a large collection of full-length movies. You can watch your favourite TV series and shows from Sony’s online library of content.
  • Has originals that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Everything associated with this movie app is free.


  • Doesn’t update its library on a regular basis.
  • It’s free but with commercials.
  • Free movie streaming quality can vary in terms of quality.

Download Crackle here for Android, or here for iOS.


Hubi is a free movie streaming app that provides links directly to other online movie streaming apps and hosters. On these other apps you’ll be able to watch movies and TV shows for free.

You watch videos through other hosters such as PutLocker and GorillaVid, but everything is done on Hubi.


  • The Hubi movie app is free to use.
  • Searching for content is fast and the streaming links are reliable.
  • The movie app has an integrated video player so you won’t require Flash Player to stream movies.
  • It has a browsing icon that allows you to search for movies and automatically provides free links.
  • It’s a cross-platform movie app.
  • Can download videos to watch offline at any time.
  • The movie app allows you to keep track of what you’ve watched and your streaming and download history.


  • The success of this free movie app is thanks to the reliability of the hosting sites.
  • There are ads but you’ll have to pay a small fee to remove them.

Download Hubi here for Android.

flipps MediaFlipps Media

Flipps Media allows you to stream a variety of different content directly to your iOS or Android device.

It’s essentially a TV on your phone. You can stream movies, watch TV shows, and find episodes from your favourite TV series with ease. You can even beam it up to your smart TV to watch it on the big screen.


  • Supports content in different languages.
  • User-friendly.
  • Has a library containing content from a range of different genres. Videos include: movies, TV shows and music videos, news and behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Can stream live events.
  • Can act as a TV remote control.


  • Most of the content is free. But in order to watch some content you need to make in-app purchases.
  • Streaming can be intermittent, particularly when streaming live events.

Download Flipps Media here for Android, or here for your iOS device.


SnagFilms has a large library of content that differs from many of the other best movie apps.

This free movie app is great if you’re a movie buff and want to check out some unconventional movies and alternative cinema. It has the classics Hollywood cinema, but plenty of content that will get you thinking, including educational movies and documentaries.

The movies available on SnagFilms are unique and different. Perfect if you fancy something different to sink your teeth into.


  • Gives different voices, different film makers a platform.
  • It’s a free movie app.
  • Can log in using different accounts, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, so there’s no lengthy sign up process.


  • Content isn’t regularly updated.
  • Library is relatively small compared to other free best movie apps.
  • Buffering can sometimes be an issue.
  • Lot of ads.

Download SnagFilms here (Android), or here (iOS device).


Viewster is a free movie app that supports a range of ad-supported content, including movies and TV shows. It also contains anime series and Korean dramas, making this a best movie app on a global scale.


  • A large library of content.
  • It’s a free movie app.
  • No registration is required.
  • Can watch movie trailers, snippets, news, and can view the biographies and filmographies of the actors.
  • Has movies and TV shows in different languages.
  • Can watch movies using different devices; it’s available on smartphones, smart TVs and gaming consoles.


  • Free movie streaming can be intermittent. And there can be a waiting time to start streaming content.

Download Viewster here for Android, or here for iOS.

Watch ABCWatch ABC

From ABC, this free movie app allows you to personalize the ABC watching experience. You can watch all of ABC’s hit shows on your device, on-the-go and live TV from the ABC network.


  • All your ABC favourites are available on the Watch ABC app.
  • Free streaming of live TV.
  • It has video clips and throwbacks.


  • Limited library to content from the ABC network.
  • Requires constant Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The app frequently updates, meaning that there’s a lot of downtime.

Download Watch ABC here for Android, or here for your iOS device.


Sometimes These Best Movie Apps Just Stop Functioning. What Can I Do To Combat This?

Unlike free apps that allow you to download full-length movies and TV shows, these are legitimate, tried and tested best movie apps.

This means that these apps to watch free movies are unlikely to be shut down. Or become temporarily unavailable due to any legal issues.

Most best movie apps are available to install via the Google Play Store of Apple Store, so there won’t be any copyright infringements.

A free movie app may shut down temporarily for updates, to update content etc. So if you’re having issues with your app, check back later or search for updates.

Can I Speed Up The Movie Streaming Process?

Using some apps to watch free movies, streaming occurs pretty much instantaneously – as soon as you click the movie icon.

But on others you may have to wait a while for the movie to load. And even then you may have to pause it. And let it load all the way through to avoid having to put up with annoying buffering and intermittent streaming.

The speed it takes to stream movies is really dependent on the app itself. But your data plan, internet speed can also affect the speed of streaming a movie.

How Can I Get Rid Of The Pop-up Ads And Commercials?

Many of these apps to watch free movies get their money through ads and commercials, so you can’t really get rid of them.

It’s worth putting up with them if it means you can watch free content. Best movie apps such as Hubi offer users a chance to get rid of ads altogether. But you’ll have to pay a small fee.


Nothing’s better than killing some spare time by watching your favourite movies and TV shows.

With these best movie apps you can do so conveniently and in a matter of seconds using your smartphone.

If you’re a movie buff, know what you like or enjoy delving into alternative cinema, install a free movie app. Yu’ll have access to a range of different content at your fingertips. Without paying for anything!

Do away with downloads, storage usage and costly movie apps and stream your movies instead.

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