ShowBox – Movies and TV-shows for free!

If you download ShowBox android app, you’ll be able to watch entertaining live TV shows on your own TV sets.

Indeed, internet actes as a game changer for how we consume movies, and even live television. And at the forefront of this new movement, we find ShowBox android app on the scene. 

Your options for viewing live TV still may remain mostly limited to television and cable. But when it comes to watching movies, apps like ShowBox dramatically change your viewing options. 

So what is Showbox ?

What You Should Know About ShowBox App

showbox app

ShowBox is a TV and movie streaming app originally only compatible with Android systems. Although, it has now extended its availability to desktop computers and Apple operating system.

Users can’t typically access live TV through ShowBox and similar apps. But ShowBox offers access to recent shows in addition to its library of older TV shows and movies.

So, if you don’t mind watching a show a day late, ShowBox android app is a viable option for you.

Below, we’ll explore the features of the ShowBox app and how to download Showbow app on various devices. 


Features of ShowBox App

The best feature of ShowBox app is that it is completely free. But unlike the old saying “you get what you pay for”, ShowBox app offers other features that make it a popular video downloader.

Additionally, Showbox app doesn’t require to have a login account, nor does it interrupt the viewing with annoying ads. Showbox stands in direct contrast to traditional television and other online streaming platforms.

Other important ShowBox android app features include:

ShowBox HD

ShowBox has HD video quality capabilities. Also, showbox app allows for all resolutions viewing for devices that don’t support high resolution HD video streaming.

ShowBox Video Downloader

Users can choose to watch their TV or movie selections by streaming online. Or they can download their choices for later viewing.

ShowBox for Android

Although ShowBox app fits to Android platforms, it is not available exclusively for mobile phones. You can download ShowBox app on tablets and Chromecast. And you can even download Showbox for PC.

ShowBox Library

ShowBox app features an extensive library of past and present TV shows and movies. Also, ShowBox app updates its library offerings pretty regularly. ShowBox android app also recently added a new aspect to its library. Users can now stream music for free off of the ShowBox app platform. 

ShowBox Personalized Library

The ShowBox app has a “My Library” feature where users can bookmark their favorite TV shows and movies. They can also create wish lists. 

Despite all these great features, ShowBox has a few potential drawbacks.

Although ShowBox is officially legal, ShowBox android app is not available on the official Google Play Store.

Secondly, we know ShowBox for its glitches and malfunctions. This is not so different than many other apps. However, and like other apps, ShowBox app continues to address these problems through new versions. 

Some problems are due to users’ incompatible devices, weak internet signals, or weak resolution capabilities on those devices. 

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To access all this great ShowBox app content, users need to download ShowBox apk file to their device. 

Download ShowBox APK 

Users desirous to download ShowBox android app need to access the ShowBox apk file elsewhere. Because of this, before you download ShowBox app, you need to go to your devices security settings. Then you need to change them so they will accept apk files from “Unknown Sources”.

This will allow you to bypass download Showbox apk.

Click here to know how to download ShowBox APK. 

Download ShowBox app for Android

ShowBox android app is available on Android devices since the beginning of its existence.

To know more about how to download ShowBox app for Android, you just need to click here

Download ShowBox app for PC 

The advantages to download ShowBox on a computer rather than a mobile device hardly need an explanation.

PC availability means that non-Android users can use ShowBox. Also computer and laptop screens offer bigger screens for a more comfortable and optimal viewing experience.

There are two main ways to access ShowBox app for PC. 

Click here to know how to download ShowBox for PC.


how to download showbox app

ShowBox Alternatives

Many apps offer services similar to the ShowBox android app.

Each of them comes with slightly different advantages and disadvantages. Users choose the video downloader that best fits their needs. Or they may use multiple video downloader and streaming apps for different purposes.

There are too many video streaming services and apps to enumerate all of them. But we can take a look at a range of them.

Alternatives to ShowBox include Netflix and Hulu, MovieBox, Crackle and Sky HD.

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ShowBox FAQ

If you don’t have a typical Android device, you have other options.

How to Download ShowBox App for BlackBerry ?

The process to download ShowBox app for BlackBerry is not different from downloading a video downloader to an Android device.

It follows the same basic steps:

  1. First, you will need to go to Settings.
  2. From there you will go to your App manager. Then Installing Apps, where you will enable your device to accept apps from outside sources.
  3. Then you will complete the process by downloading the ShowBox app link. 
  4. Open the file and finish installation.

How to Download ShowBox App for Kindle Fire ?

Again, to download ShowBox android app to your Kindle Fire, you will follow the same basic process.

  1. In addition to going to Settings, clicking on Devices and on “Allow Installation of Applications”, you need to go to your security settings.
  2. Allow to install the apps from “unknown sources”. 
  3. Then you need to go to your silk browser, download the ShowBox app for PC,
  4. Open it and install it.

Stream ShowBox to TV using Chromecast ?

You can stream ShowBox using Chromecast.

This process differs significantly from the downloading processes of other devices.

  1. Firstly, you need to go to the Play Store and install LocalCast and MX Player.
  2. In ShowBox, you need to first go to video and select “other player” for the player option.
  3. Your next step is to click on “Watch Now”. 
  4. You need now to share the ShowBox app with the MX Player. Go to options and find your Chromecast player by going from tools to share to LocalCast.
  5. Only then, you are able to sit back and watch your viewing pleasure in full hd video quality.

Download Showbox Android APK

The ShowBox app is not for everyone. If you’re looking for live TV, you still have to look to more traditional television stations and cable. 

But if you just look to relax with HD video, then ShowBox app video downloader is for you. Though the ShowBox app HD streaming service isn’t for everyone, there are enough happy users to make it a popular app worth considering.

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