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SHAREit app for Android differs from the crowd because it offers different modes of transferring files.

It has a range of different capabilities and enables large files to be shared quickly and easily. You won’t have to send your files one at a time. You can share large files at the same time without affecting the speed.

The speed at which you can transfer files is quicker than any other app out there. And there’ll be no compatibility issues because SHAREit for Android offers different ways to connect to different devices. This includes : codes, IP transfer and other such methods.

SHAREit app is certainly a best-selling app. It’s the number one ranked app on Google Play in 15 different countries. So these aspects that make SHAREit app unique are most definitely working.

In this article, we’ll guide you in how to download SHAREit app for Android.

How Does SHAREit For Android Work?

The SHAREit app is available to download and use across different devices. But how is this able to occur?

Phone to PC

SHAREit app can pair your mobiles device with your PC. Whether you have SHAREit for Android, a mobile with a Windows operating system or an Apple device.

SHAREit for PC does this by providing the user with a QR code. A QR code is a quick response matrix barcode which you can scann with your phone and sync your phone and PC together. This enables you to begin sharing content and carry out file transfers.

  • Download SHAREit app on your phone.
  • On the top left of the home page, you’ll see an option allowing you to connect your phone to your PC.
  • Follow the instructions and the app on your mobile will prompt you to scan the QR code.
  • Going to SHAREit on PC, follow the instructions and your QR code will come on the screen.
  • Scan the code with your mobile and your phone SHAREit app and PC SHAREit app will be connected.

Phone To PC File Sharing

  • Firstly, ensure you have the SHAREit app downloaded and fully installed on both your mobile and PC.
  • Open your PC SHAREit app and create your own personal network. Tick the ‘show characters’ icon and create your network.
  • Now open the app on your phone, ensure it’s connected to Wi-Fi and select your Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Go to the home page and click ‘send’, then ‘connect to PC’.
  • Click ‘scan to connect’. Then scan the QR code on your SHAREit for PC app following the instructions mentioned above.
  • When your devices are connected, on your phone, click ‘send’, select your files and send to SHAREit on your PC.
  • On SHAREit fpr PC, click ‘receive’ to accept. Then on your phone, double click the icon with your PC and the file transfer will commence.

PC to PC File Transfer

  • Open your SHAREit app.
  • Ensure you’re on the home page and then click the arrow at the top of the app.
  • Scroll down to view the options and open up ‘settings’.
  • Here you’ll be able to personalise your SHAREit app. Concentrate on the bottom of the page, where you’ll be able to choose your mode of transfer : secure or easy transfer mode. In secure mode a password is required every time you attempt to connect to another device. Many operating systems use the password: 12345678 but you should receive password information.
  • Save your settings, then it’s a matter of finding your target device. Search for the other PC would want to connect to. If you know the other device’s avatar, search for this, alternatively use the relevant option to manually find the other PC.
  • Once found, you’ll have to create a personal network between the two PCs. This involves creating a password.
  • Ensure both PCs are connected to the same network. After which the other PC’s avatar will appear on your PC SHAREit app. Click this avatar and SHAREit will attempt to establish a connection.
  • Once the other PC accepts, you’ll both have your own history page and an icon giving you the option of sending files to and from each other’s device.

Phone to Phone File Exchange

  • In order to transfer files between smartphones, ensure both devices are connected to a common Wi-Fi hotspot, or create one.
  • On the RADAR screen find the other phone you wish to connect to. Once the other smartphone has accepted, click on their avatar to establish a connection. Then begin sharing content.

You can exchange files using SHAREit app between different smartphones. You can send bulky files at high speed without the need of Bluetooth. SHAREit app offers a faster and more convenient option.

Remote View

Download SHAREit app for Android and you’ll be able to utilise the Remote View feature.

This tool enables you to browse your PC files. Find the file you’re after and then SHAREit to your phone or another device. There you’ll be able to open the file, play it, and use it as you would on your PC SHAREit app.

Play To And PowerPoint Control

Play To, a feature of mobile SHAREit for Android, essentially makes you able to control your PC from your phone. It can make your mobile into a remote control, a clicker. In fact you’ll be able to control anything you want to via SHAREit on your PC.

Whether you want to play music on your PC whilst walking around chatting to friends, or control a slideshow, you’ll be able to with Play To.

This feature also works fantastically when carrying out PowerPoint presentations.

Read also how to download shareit for mac and iphone.

Students and businesses will be able to connect their PC to the big screen. And then conduct a presentation without standing by the PC or thinking about a clicker.

Every aspect of the presentation can be controlled using SHAREit on your mobile. It can act as a projector remote, so you’ll be able to move between PowerPoint slides whilst walking around the room and having more interaction with your audience.

Back Up Photos From Phone To PC

Because there’s no limit to file size with SHAREit, you can very quickly find yourself short of storage space.

SHAREit for PC is a feature that can remove this obstacle. It allows you to back up files sent to your smartphone on your PC.

The process is quick and will free up a lot of space on your phone. So you’ll be able to take more pictures, download more music, save important documents and add more files from SHAREit without any problems.

Even if it’s not a question of a space issue on your phone, it’s still great feature to have. In the unfortunate event of a problem occurring on your phone, you won’t lose your precious photos because everything will be backed up.

shareit for android

How To Download SHAREit For Android?

  • Either click the download link for ‘Android App on Google Play’ or click here. And you’ll be taken directly to the app page on Google Play.
  • Ensure you’re signed up and have an account with Google Play.
  • Click ‘install’ on the app for Android page. And then you’ll have drop down options of which of your Android devices you want to install it to. Choose your favortie option, then complete the installation process. Now you can begin to use SHAREit on your Android device.

SHAREit for Android FAQ section

How To Use Secure Mode On The V3.x?

By default, SHAREit for Android is in ‘easy mode’ on all devices, so in order to use ‘secure mode’ you’ll have to adjust your settings and preferences.

  1. Open up the application, go to settings and then at the bottom of the page, you’ll find the secure transfer option.
  2. Select the secure mode option, then do the same on the other device.
  3. Once connected, the sender will see an avatar of the receiver’s device.
  4. Click on the avatar and the receiver will receive a message to setup a password.
  5. On the initiating device, type in the same password.
  6. Click ‘ok’ and the two devices will be connected.

How To Clone Your Android Phone With SHAREit For Android?

  1. On both your Android devices, open SHAREit and switch to the ‘clone it’ function on the main interface.
  2. Ensure both phones have connexion to Wi-Fi. Then click ‘sender’ on the initiating phone and ‘receiver’ on the other. Here, you’ll see the initiating phone appear.
  3. Select this, choose the content you wish to transfer/clone to the other device, start and the cloning process will be completed.

What Operating System Does SHAREit For Android Run On?

You can download SHAREit app on any Apple device, Android and Windows operating systems. It can work across multiple operating systems, including non-Lenovo devices.

Are There File Limitations?

There’re no limits to the size of files you can send. You can send large files at the same time – there’s no drip sending with SHAREit for Android.

Do We Need Cables To Connect Devices?

No, you don’t need cables. Just ensure both devices have SHAREit for Android fully downloaded and installed. Then connect both to Wi-Fi radio in order to avoid network charges and data usage.

If you’re using two Apple devices, both need a connexion to the same Wi-Fi network, or create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

What Are The Costs?

There are no costs, zero fees to pay! From the time you download SHAREit for Android to the time you begin sending files, everything is free.

Can Other Users Connect To And Access My Device?

Only when you give them permission – there needs to be acceptance from both the sender and receiver for a connection.

How Can I check For Updates?

SHAREit app for Android will automatically check for updates and notify you if you need to install updates.

How can I fix an error message when I try to download SHAREit app for Android?

Firstly, try uninstalling SHAREit, rebooting your system, then installing it again. Ensure you have enough storage space on your device. Then check that a firewall and your PCs security don’t block the installation.

Alternatively, your download file may be corrupt.  Don’t download SHAREit for Android from a torrent site. Use a reputable source such as the Apple Store, Google Play etc.

How Can I resolve Access Connections Problems?

  1. Open Access Connections in advanced mode, then select and edit the profile.
  2. Then move the wireless adaptor to the top of the network adaptor list by clicking ‘higher’.
  3. Save changes and you have resolved the issue.


SHAREit for Android is one of only a few apps on the market that enables you to share files without any restrictions.

It’s also free from reputable companies and official sites. It’s a unique app that’s speedy to use and has a simple user interface, allowing you to transfer files between devices in seconds.

Download SHAREit For Android Today!

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