The 11 Best Free Movie Apps For Android And iOS

Nowadays, as smart devices are growing in quantity, released movies are also increasing day by day. Android and iOS are two main operative systems that are splitting our smart devices into two halves.

With those facts, we decided to make a list of the 11 best free movie apps for Android and iOS. Do you prefer to watch horror movies, comedies, action, romantic, or do you prefer to watch musical movies?!

Let’s find out what will be your app to watch your favorite movie.

Smartphones are the most popular devices today. Either we use them for calls or messages sometimes when you are bored you use to shorten your free time.

That is the main reason why we decided to make this list of best free movie streaming apps for your phone, to spend your free time in something that we all love, watching movies.

11 Best Free Movie Apps For Android And iOS

Here we’re going to share one 11 of the best free movie apps that are top rated across Google Play Store and App Store.

Everything from the list below will be free apps to watch movies and TV shows for free. We will help you avoid fake apps and pick real free movie apps.

So let’s do this…

  • Cinema Box

Cinema-Box-LogoCinema box is free movie streaming app for Android and iOS. Previous it was named Play BoxHD and it is one of the best free movie apps with features like children mode, subtitle support.

Also, it supports chromecast and it has an offline mode. Cinema Box is totally free, the app is updated daily, kids mode makes sure that your kids are watching only what is desired for them.

There are subtitles in every possible language and also offline mode will allow you download movies and play them when you want even if you can’t access to internet service.

  • ShowBox


The ShowBox app is one of the most popular because of its user-friendly interface. You can navigate to its collection quickly unless you want to browse in it.

The best advantage of this movie app is that you can download and store movie for offline watching later. HD content is supported, if you have a device that is more powerful, you can stream even 1080p videos.

It has numerous features like awesome design, regular updates, downloading and streaming movies and TV shows, sharing, easy navigation and much more.

  • Terrarium TV


Terrarium TV is an awesome free movie app that has a cool feature. This app has a special search algorithm that will search for your favorite movie based on your search on third party sites.

Also just to mention TerrariumTV will provide you multi-language subtitles and downloading movies to watch later. Also their fast servers, a lot of full HD and HD sources, marking watched episodes and movies with just one click and also its Chromecast support.

  • Crackle

crackleCrackle – free movie app that is compatible with all devices you can imagine. That includes smartphones, tablets, Smart TV, TV boxes, computers, gaming consoles. This free movie app is simply great.

There is no registration or login needed, so you won’t give up any personal details. According to user ratings and reviews, its streaming capabilities are so high that many of the streaming providers can’t get to its level.

It has really easy navigation, user-friendly interface, it supports TV streaming to watch on bigger screen. The only downside here is you are not able to download and store movie for watching when you are offline.

 Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play Store

  • Viewster

viewsterWith this free movie streaming app, you can easily watch movies online, you will enjoy in its simple navigation and you won’t have to sign up or create any account to watch movies.

It is compatible with Chromecast which will allow you enjoy watching movies with high quality on bigger screen.

Among all of its features, in Viewster you will have over 20.000 anime shows, movies and movie shorts, and tons of information like bios, trailers, news for the content you are interested in.

Viewster is very popular across Europe, which will bring you many documentaries too.

Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play Store

  • Popcornflix


We know it sounds similar to Netflix, but this is something totally different. Popcorn Flix is free movie app that is updated frequently and it is a relatively new resource.

Its way to the top of this list will not be hard because of its simple navigation. Navigation tools and tools to filter movies are made according to your needs.

But it will need some time to get that top because there are only about 700 titles to choose from, which is not a small number, but its competition has much larger databases.

Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play Store

  • Bobby Movie Box

bobbie movie

Bobby Movie Box is one of the best free movie streaming app with modern and also the fluent user interface.

It was available for iOS devices only but now you can have it on your Android devices only. There are tons of pros like supporting Chromecast and Airplay and their frequently updated database.

It has subtitles for your movies in more than 225 languages, it’s streaming on HD servers. And also you can switch to an auto mode that will allow the app to choose which is the best server available for you.

  • Flipps


Flipps is one of those free movie streaming apps that will allow you watch movies, viral videos, listen to music both on your phone and your TV.

Also, it will allow you stream the live streaming sites on your smartphone and your TV in a second. Its connectivity is so simple, just connect your smartphone and your TV to same Wi-Fi network and it will automatically find all connected devices in that network.

All you have to do is choose what you want to watch and where.

Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play Store

  • Hubi


Hubi is awesome free movie app that will allow you stream TV channels watch online movies. It is possible to download movies for watching when you are offline.

Now it has 39 services available for free downloading your favorite movie. This means that you can choose more between those 39 hosts how you want to watch your movie.

Also, you can keep track what you have watched and keep your favorites accessible in no time.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Store

  • Yidio TV

yidio tv

Yidio TV is not just a movie streaming app. It is search platform for movies and TV shows. It has really easy user interface that will show your path find your movie for free.

There are many free TV shows and movies in this app, but for some movies or TV shows, you will get a link to streaming service (like Netflix or Hulu). That means that not all of its content is free. But there are tons of features that are great on this app.

You can filter your movies and TV shows in any way possible like the genre, source, premiere date, producer and so on.

Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play Store

  • Kodi

kodiAs of last on this list but is is a must. Kodi is what I personally use for few months and I don’t have what to dislike.

You can watch movies, play videos, listen to music, watch pictures, TV shows, stream live TV, listen and watch podcasts and even play games. It runs on every OS available including Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and much more.

Kodi is managed by the non-profit organization, they made it open source and it is updating and changing always from a lot of coders around the world.

It simply transforms our computers, tablets and smartphones into a streaming device. You can watch whatever you want, this free movie streaming app is a game changer.

Let’s wrap this up.

Smartphones are the best thing what technology brings us yet. And it is true that we can’t even spend a day without using them. Also, mobile apps become so smart that you can do whatever you can imagine. That’s the main reason why we made this list to transform your free time in quality spent time.


So with this list of 11 best free movie apps, we are trying to help you choose which app is for you. We know that there are other apps that are as good as those in this list, but those are apps that we’ve used or we are currently using.

Currently, we use ShowBox on my TV Android box and Cinema Box on my phone. We are sure you won’t face any problems with any of these apps because we’ve used each one of them for a long time.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best free movie streaming apps. All of them are totally free and you won’t have to pay a cent to watch your favorite movie.

If we helped you with this article, please feel free to share with your friends on social media and let them decide what will be their best movie app.

Thanks for reading us and come back another time we’ll keep posting about great apps like those.

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