10 Best Apps Like ShowBox To Watch Free Movies Online

In this article, we’ll present a list of 10 best apps like ShowBox to watch free movies online. 

ShowBox is a phenomenal app for online streaming of movies. It allows you to watch free movies on your smart TV if you have one or any kind of device. Besides, it is free to use.

Recently there was an update for ShowBox iOS app. Indeed, there were too many server errors and videos not found. ShowBox was crashing all the time and not being able to work properly.

The primary factor of Showbox’s crash is due to the astronomical volume of access on their server. During that time frame where Showbox was unable to perform, many of us had to look for alternatives.

That is why we have to come up with a list of apps like Showbox in case it overloads with users again! So here is oyur top 10 list of apps like Showbox.

Best Alternative Apps Like Showbox To Watch Movie Online

megabox hdMegaBox HD

MegaBox HD app allows you to watch the latest free movies and TV shows in High Definition. It is developed for Android Systems. MegaBox HD has a vast selection of genres such as drama, horror, crime, thrill, and comedy.

This app is a great Showbox alternative. Although, MegaBox HD claims to be ‘’The best application to stream your favorite movies and shows for free.’’


  • Free to use
  • Provide the latest movies and shows in high definition within a short span of the release
  • It is user-friendly, very easy to understand interface
  • There is no need to wait months for any movies to watch again
  • Buffering and the loading time is no issue as long as you have a fast internet connection


  • The support app piracy.
  • There is no guaranteed of the app being able to function in the long run
  • Freezes at times
  • It does not operate well on low-end devices

Download MegaBox HD on Google Play Store

plabox hdPlayBox HD

PlayBox HD allows you to watch movies and shows on any devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, Tablets, and even iPads.

This app like ShowBox brings great content to the table of online streaming of movies services by providing support to all platforms. And with no errors.


  • It is entirely free
  • Streaming quality movies and shows of your choosing
  • It lets you download full movies and keeps it on your device
  • No pop-up ads
  • The app does not require a license to use films
  • Larger selection of movies than some paid streaming services


  • The Android version does not support the local language
  • It might lose developers that could make the service break apart
  • Most of the films are Illegal to watch.

Download PlayBox HD on Google Play Store


Netflix is a paid streaming service. Just like ShowBox, it has amazing features and provides a limitless collection of new and old blockbusters based on the rating, genre, support subtitles, and its shows from time to time.


  • Netflix Original Series
  • New content every month
  • Diversified movies and TV selections
  • It suggests movies and shows based on your previous viewing and rating activities


  • It sucks your data instantly
  • It takes a while to get new released movie and shows
  • If you cancel the subscription, your access to its library ends as well
  • Internet connection is required

Download NetFlix


Crackle is a showbox alternative like no other. It’s a multi-platform video entertainment network and studio that distributes full movies, uncut, TV shows. Owned by Sony, it’s completely free and has over 25 millions of active users already.

There is no need to sign up to enjoy its movies. Whenever you end up living, just download the app and start enjoying it. Also, upload content every month.


  • Original content and licensed movies from Columbia Pictures
  • Live streaming events
  • Personalization options


  • Annoying Add while watching content
  • Not a lot of variety with only ten new content every month.
  • If your connection is less than 0.2 megabytes per second, it will be difficult to watch their movies, and videos

Download Crackle


Hulu is a paid video streaming service which allows you to stream TV shows and movies directly to your device. And you don’t need to purchase them directly.

It is one of the major streaming services that competes with Netflix and Amazon videos.


  • Commercial Free (with the supported subscription)
  • Cheaper than cable
  • On-demand viewing


  • No sports channels
  • Your network provider might have a data usage cap
  • The user interface experience varies by device
  • No local news, HBO, or Showtime

    movies-by-flixster-iconMovies By Flister

    Movies By Flister allows you to search for Showtime, buy movie tickets, read critic reviews.

Also, you can stream and download your Ultraviolet collection.


  • Clear interface
  • Getting movies on your iPhone
  • Movie News


  • A lot of films are only available to rent
  • It could be more organized


MovieTuve is an online service that runs from different websites. MovieTube allows users to download or stream copyrighted movies.

It is a video streaming app that lets you watch full-length movies on YouTube as well as it offers catalogs publicly-available streaming videos.


  • 32 language options and 16 different genres
  • It provides daily updates
  • It offers other types of videos including free movie trailers, short clips


  • Not all their movies, and shows are suitable for under age people.

sky-hd-downloadSky HD

Sky HD is the brand name of HDTV service that was launch by Sky plc. It enables high definition channels on Sky.

It requires having Sky+HD Digibox and a TV or smart TV that supports HD.


  • High definitions picture quality
  • Watch on mobile, laptop or tablet
  • Free with Sky TV


  • It can be a hefty pricing compared to other services like Showbox
  • It’s not available as a standalone app
  • It’s only available on two registered devices


PopCorn Time

Multi-platformed free software BitTorrent client, which includes integrated media player. PopCorn Time is a great Showbox alternative.


  • Incredible free movies catalog
  • It works on any devices
  • Watch HD movies and shows instantly


  • The site is not legal
  • It could potentially give your ISP sending DMCA notices

movie-box-iconMovieBox App

MovieBox App is not only a movie application, but it is also ideal for people who enjoy spending time for movies and films.

It is one of the apps like Showbox but of course with its original capabilities and similarities.


  • Movie rating is real
  • High definition movie images and artwork
  • Locally Movies description for better insight


  • It has to be connected to the internet all the time

10 Best Apps Like ShowBox To Watch Free Movies Online

There are many Showbox alternatives out there. Online streaming of movies is a competitive industry that requires constant development and evolvement of content to satisfy its users.

Apps like Showbox do that beautifully. Allowing us to enjoy so many features such as full movies, video stuff for free, online streaming of movies anywhere without any sign-up fees.

Each app listed above is similar in their way but completely different. It comes close of apps like Showbox, but it’s far from it.

The good thing is that we now know many alternatives of online streaming of movies for the next time Showbox decides to crash!

What apps like ShowBox did you use the most after Showbox crashes?

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