Download Facetime APK For Android – Latest Version

Download FaceTime APK For Android – Latest Version

FaceTime app is a video calling app, originally developed solely for Apple devices but is now also available on PC.

You can operate the application on different iOS platforms. You can download FaceTime for PC, and use the app’s video calling capabilities and other messaging features across your different devices.

FaceTime app allows you to communicate with friends and family just by entering a contact number or an email ID. This is an efficient and simple method for calling people across the world.

It’s also free! Apple previously charged users for FaceTime. But today it’s available for free and comes pre-installed on OS X from Mac OS X Lion (10.7) devices and onwards.

There are similar video calling services available on the app market such as Skype and Google Hangouts. But what sets FaceTime apart is the quality of the video calling. You’re able to talk to your friends and family in HD. A high resolution video quality that also minimises background noise.

Let’s discover through this article how to download Facetime APK For Android.

how to download facetime apk

Download FaceTime App For Android: Is It Possible?

FaceTime app is officially only available from an Apple site for use on iOS or Mac devices. FaceTime for Android isn’t yet available from the Google Play Store. As FaceTime is an Apple product it’s unlikely to be made available on the Play Store anytime soon.

But there are many APK files for Android users to choose from. These APK enable you to run FaceTime for Android.

Apple developers created files specifically for iOS users to use the app’s video calling capabilities. But some developers created APK files, so FaceTime for Android is available if you’re willing to download files from alternative sites.

Download Facetime for PC

Download FaceTime APK, and FaceTime will run smoothly on your Android device, just like it does on iOS/Mac.

Be aware that FaceTime for Android is possible by downloading an APK file. But these aren’t official sites, so take precautions and ensure your PC’s virus protection software is updated and fully functioning.

You can download FaceTime for Android by downloading the APK and BlueStacks. Or you can download the Facetime APK file on your PC and then transfer it to your Android smartphone.

How To Download FaceTime APK

FaceTime APK is the only file you need to download if you wish to use FaceTime on your Android device.

Minimum requirements is the version 2.1.1 (2) for Android 4.0.

Download Facetime APK file and you’ll be able to connect with FaceTime users on different operating systems, such as Apple/iOS.

But again, Facetime APK doesn’t come from an official, verified source. FaceTime app is only officially available from the Apple Store for iOS/Mac users.

Nevertheless, here is the FaceTime APK file information:

File name com.revesoft.mobiledialer.facetime.facetime_33389
Version 3.3.2
Updated Oct 30 2015
File size 1.3MB
Minimum Android version 2.1.1 (2) for Android 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14
MD5 1f8ad4acef10599ac11c9cfd935a1a62
SHA1 fcf3a98f0027babc82a797be7a860130f89f69cd

facetime apk to download on pc

Here Are The Steps To Download Facetime APK

  • Download the FaceTime APK from here on your PC.
  • Then using a USB or a data cable, connect your Android device to your PC. Transfer the downloaded APK file to your smartphone.
  • Go to ‘security settings’ on your smartphone and enable ‘unknown sources’.
  • Once you have the APK on your Android device, launch it and complete the installation process. Once completed you’ll be able to use FaceTime on your Android device.

Facetime APK FAQ

Is There a FaceTime App for Android?

 FaceTime is only officially available from the Apple Store for iOS or Mac devices. But there are APK files you can download from unofficial sites that you can install and launch on your Android device.

What Are The Alternatives of FaceTime?

There are numerous adequate alternatives to FaceTime. So if you want a video calling app and you possess a Windows or Android device, don’t worry. Because you too can enjoy the benefits of video calling.

Google Hangouts is one of the best like-for-alternatives for Android users. It’s available for free from the Google Play Store. It has received a staggering  5bn installs. And users can make free Wi-Fi calls with Google Hangouts on Android devices.  Much like FaceTime requires an Apple ID, having a Google account is essential for using Google Hangouts.

Since its inception in 2003, Skype has become a market leader when it comes to video calling. That’s mainly because it’s available to download and use on different devices. It’s available on Windows, Android and iTunes. The app has reached over 1bn downloads, is free and enables users to engage in an unlimited number of one-on-one chats.

Skype also differs from FaceTime in that it allows users to upgrade for a fee. This unlocks a host of other features such as multi-user video chatting, conference calls, etc.

When Viber started out in the app market in 2014, they had to compete the likes of FaceTime and Skype. The app does boast over 700m users worldwide. And what makes Viber appealing is that it’s user-friendly. The app’s user interface has a clean-cut design. And it’s very simple to use, however it’s primarily a messaging app.


There are Facetime alternative apps out there. But FaceTime is a solid app.

Its unique features such as clear sound quality during audio calls and HD video calling means that Apple users have a foolproof platform for making video calls.

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